How do I refund a renter?

For direct payment bookings, you are able to refund renters through your Stripe account.

This applies if you want to make a discretionary refund. Contractual refunds (such as if you, the owner, cancel a booking, or if a refundable breakage deposit is due to be returned) will happen automatically through the Clickstay booking system.

In order to process a refund, log in to your Stripe account and go to payments. Open the payment, and the Refund option will appear on the right-hand side. Please bear in mind that our and Stripe payment fees are deducted from the payment you received from the renter.

If your renter tells you that the card they originally paid with has expired, in most cases, the bank will redirect the refund to your renter’s new card. If your renter does not have a new card, the bank will normally send the refund straight to their bank account. If neither of these options work, then the bank will return the money to Stripe who will contact you via email.