Setting your base pricing

How do I set my pricing type?

Set your property up with weekly or nightly pricing. If you select weekly pricing, and a booking is made for less than 7 nights; we will divide the weekly price by 7 and multiple it by the number of nights requested. For nightly prices, the nightly price is multiplied by the number of nights requested.

How do I set my currency?

A property can be set up to receive payments in £ (GBP), $ (USD) and € (EUR). Please be aware that the currency you set your property in is the currency that you will be paid in. Choose from the dropdown which currency you would like renters to make payment in.

What are base and seasonal prices?

A base price is a weekly or nightly price for your property all year round. Seasonal prices are for specific dates for things like school holidays and Christmas. If a renter selects dates where a seasonal price applies, it will overwrite the base price. So for example if your base price is £1,000 per week and the seasonal price is £1,500 per week, the renter will be charged £1,500 per week.

How do I set a base price?

To set a base price select the button "Add a base price" and a pop out will show. In here you must enter the base price amount, how long it applies and you can also set the minimum stay, changeover days and if you only accept bookings that are multiples of 7 nights only e.g. a booking must be 7, 14, 21 days long etc.

If the property is set to nightly prices, you can also set an additional weekend rate per night that will be added to the nightly price.

How do I edit the base price?

To edit the base price select the "Edit" link and a pop out will show. It is the same pop out you used to set the base price. Simply change the things you would like and select the "Save" button.

How do I delete the base price?

To delete the base price select the "Edit" link and a pop out will show. At the bottom of the pop out you need to select the "Delete" button.

Remember if you delete a base price and do not have any seasonal prices set, your property will no longer have any prices and will be automatically turned off. It will not appear in the Clickstay search results and renters will not be able to make bookings for it.